Start your meal with a taste teaser....



Garlic Bread                        single  $3    family   $6

Cheesy Garlic Bread             single  $4    family   $9

        add sauce with garlic breads .50 each 

Bread Sticks w/ sauce          single  $5    family   $9




.**Hand-rolled Mozzarella sticks**  

        mozzarella or pepperoni   



Loaded Tots  $8

Pizza Fries   $6

French Fries   $3

Garlic & Parm Fries  $4

Tator tots   $4

Nachos   $5

Nacho Supreme  $7

Cheese curds   $6

Haystack Onion rings  $5

Chicken Strips & fries  $6




served with celery & dressing


Medium-Hot-Inferno-BBQ-Teriyaki-Garlic Parmesan

NEW....Mango Habanero


8 wings $7

16 wings  $14

5 boneless  $6




ranch, french, bleu cheese, house italian, low cal french


side salad  $2

Garden  $5

Chef  $7

Taco $7

Pasta  $5

Caesar  $5

Chicken Caesar  $7

Buffalo Chicken  $7







Jolly Roger's Pizzeria

220 W. North Water street

New London, Wi



Kitchen Hours

Mon- Thurs 4pm-10pm

Fri & Sat  4pm-11pm

Sun 4pm-9pm


Bar Open Late




LUNCH Parties

with advance notice!**

(minimum order required)


Just give us a call

we are HAPPY  to serve you!!




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