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Jolly Roger's Pizza is a place where tradition meets excellence. Our legendary pizzas and wings are made using fresh ingredients based on tried and true family recipes.

Check out our menu below, try it yourself and taste the difference!

Pizza... the BEST AROUND!!

Our pizzas & handmade to order calzones are well-known in New London!

We have been voted top pizza place in New London for the past 25 years!

Fresh ingredients, dough and sauces made daily, we take great pride in our pizza! 


Dough choices are ..

       original thin, thick & pan style.


Flat pricing*

10" ~ $10*

12" ~ $12*

14"~ $14*

16 ~ $16*

10" Gluten Free ~ $12


*Extra Cheese

10" & 12"  +$1

14" & 16"  +$2



Supreme~ sausage, pepperoni, mushroom, onion, green pepper

Fat Roger~ sausage, onion, mushroom, green pepper

Garden~ tomato, onion, mushroom, green pepper, green & black olives

All Meat~ sausage, pepperoni, ham, bacon, beef

Bacon Cheeseburger~beef, bacon, cheddar

Chicken Alfredo~homemade Alfredo , diced white chicken

BBQ chicken~ BBQ sauce, chicken, onion, green pepper

Buffalo Chicken~ranch sauce, diced buffalo chicken

Chicken Bacon Ranch~ranch sauce, bacon, chicken

Hawaiian~ ham & pineapple

Mexican~spicy salsa sauce, taco meat, onion, cheddar, cold lettuce, tomato, sour cream, black olives

Bohemian~ham onion, sauerkraut

Mac & Cheese-yess....mac & Cheese, mozz, cheddar


Or create your own style from our many toppings list!



sausage, pepperoni, beef, ham, canadian bacon, bacon, chicken, taco meat,

mushroom, onion, green pepper, green olive, black olive, tomato, pineapple, jalapeno, saurkraut  cheddar

*Anchovies & Shrimp* 

(*10" & 12" +$2     14" & 16" +$3*) 



Choose up to 5 topping to fill this Chicago style pizza pie! Between 2 layers of dough we put your toppings and a pound and a half of cheese, cover it with spicy pizza sauce and fresh tomatoes and bake for 45 minutes!





Handmade to order!!  We start with a thin pizza crust, piled high with mozzarella cheese and your choice of toppings (up to 5) then roll it and bake until golden brown. For a finisher we cover it with our homemade sauce & more mozzarella!


Mouth watering APPETIZERS


Garlic bread                       single   $3       family   $6

Cheesy Garlic bread            single   $4       family   $9

add a red sauce for dipping  $ .50 each

Breadsticks & sauce             single   $5       family   $9


Hand-rolled Mozzarella Logs!

6 jumbo logs with our sweet marinara!

Mozzarella  $7

Pepperoni  $7



Pizza fries                 $6

Nachos                     $5

Nacho Supreme         $7

French Fries               $3

Garlic & Parm Fries     $4

Tator tots                  $4

Loaded tots                $8

Haystack onion rings   $5

Cheese curds              $6

Chicken strips W/FF    $6



Garden Salad  $5

Chef $7

Taco $7

Pasta $7

Caesar $5

Chicken Caesar $7


Best Wings Around!!

We swear...

they are the best you'll find..



                   served with celery & dressing

Medium, Hot, Inferno,

BBQ, Teriyaki,

Garlic Parmesan or Mango Habenero


8 wings $7     16 Wings $14


5 Boneless tenderloins  $6

Sandwiches & Burgers













All served with a pickle and choice of:

   Fries, Haystack Onion rings, tator tots, Pasta salad or steamed veggies

UPGRADE: garlic parm FF +$1    curds or loaded tots +$2


 (all chicken available sauteed or deep fried)


Chicken~ lettuce, tomato, mayo    $8

Philly Chicken~ sauteed mushroom, onion, gr. pepper   $9

Chick Parmesan~mozzarella & marinara   $10

Haystack Chicken ~ sweet haystack sauce & Haystack onion rings  $10

Chick Bacon Ranch~ mozz, bacon, ranch dressing  $10

Firebird~ hot wing sauce, lettuce, tomato, ranch  $9

Italian beef dip ~mozzarella & au jus $9

Philly~ sauteed mushroom, onion, gr. pepper, & au jus  $10

Meatball~marinara & mozzarella  $8

Ham~ hot ham and mozzarella  $8

Bohemian~ham, mozzarella, onion & sauerkraut  $9


 1/2 lb certified angus steak burgers!

(lettuce, tomato & onion free upon request.)


Hamburger~ $9

Cheeseburger~ medium cheddar   $10

Bacon Cheeseburger ~ $12

Shroom burger ~ mozzarella & sauteed mushrooms $11

Pizza burger ~ pepperoni, pizza sauce & mozzarella  $11

BBQ burger ~ BBQ sauce & fried onions  $10

Haystack burger~Sweet haystack sauce & haystack onion rings  $12

Cheese curd burger~cheddar cheese, cheese curds & ranch dressing $12

Double Double~1 cheddar patty & 1 mozz patty (1 lb.)     $16







Our pasta dishes are incredible ...

each served with it's own homemade sauce.


All pasta dishes come with our fresh garlic bread.


Spaghetti~with your choice:

     homemade Marinara, Meat sauce, or Meatballs    $7

Mac & Cheese~ a huge helping of comfort food $7

Baked Pasta~fat mostaccioli noodles & meat sauce & baked with 3 cheeses  $8     

Alfredo~ our own made to order recipe       $8

       Philly ~ sauteed mush, onion, gr. pepper  $9

       Cali~ broccoli, cauliflower & Carrots   $9

       Chicken ~sauteed garlic chicken    $11

       Philly Chicken ~sauteed mush, onion, gr. peps & Chicken $13

       Cali Chicken~broccoli, cauliflower, carrots & chicken $13

       Shrimp ~baby shrimp    $12

Lasagna ~3 meats and 3 cheeses  $9

Chicken Parmesan ~sauteed chicken & melted mozzarella  $10




... your friday night fish fry seven days a week! 


All served with coleslaw & your choice of:

 Fries, homemade pasta salad, haystack onion rings, tator tots  or  steamed veggies.

UPGRADE: garlic parm FF +$1  curds or loaded tots +$2




Jumbo Beer Battered Haddock         $12

Hand breaded Perch                        $14

12 pc breaded Shrimp                     $12

Perch & shrimp combo                   $18

Haddock & Shrimp combo              $16


A little sweetness after a terrific meal!

  Feed your sweet tooth with one of these delicious desserts. 


Pizza Freaks $5

small fried pizza dough rolled in cina/sugar and served hot with an icing dip.


Big turtle cheesecake  $5

      rich 3 layer cheescake made right here in our kitchen!


Deep fried Cheesecake logs  $5

      hand rolled cheescake filled wontons choose strawberry or cherry for       dipping!

Kid's Menu


Spaghetti  w/ breadstick     $4

Buttered noodles w/ breadstick   $3

Mac & Cheese w/breadstick     $4

6" pizza one topping    $4

Chicken strips & fries   $4

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